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Are you looking for someone to freeze the perfect moment in your life? Whether it be your wedding, birthday, or just a time for the family to get together for new portraits.


When looking for a photographer or videography its more than just looking for the least expensive deal, but someone who will give you quality work and service. That famous saying "You get what you pay for" stands to be very true. If you want quality, in most cases you will have to pay more than the average person. Remnant Media North Carolina, LLC pride ourselves in not only providing our clients with quality work, but also exceptional service, at affordable prices.


Our clients is our first priority. When we are thinking about how to price services, scout new locations, or even purchasing new equipment we are doing it with our potential clients in mind. Its more than just a session with RMNC, but an experience. Please DO NOT expect a photographer who will be boring and impersonal, but one who will probably crack a couple of jokes to break the ice, ask questions to get to know you to determine what will be the most comfortable pose or set up, or even one who may just stop posing you altogether during a photoshoot and say "Lets do some freestyle poses," because they want to truly capture the essence of who you are. Book your session with RMNC today. We are ready capture your next moment!

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